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If I Don't Have It - I Will Find It

Here, we only work with the best quality items, in order to make one-of-a-kind products. With some items taking days to find, I make sure to put out only what I would like to receive. If there is anything you need, I will accommodate, all crafts aside.

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Wall Decor
Image by todd kent


Unleashing Creativity Through Crafts

Since the beginning of my craft journey, I have enjoyed bringing smiles to the faces of those who request my services. It started with wood home decor, then on to jewelry. Yet, every day I continue to look for ways to improve my craft and make others smile. With that being said, please do not hesitate to reach in with any questions, concerns and/or comments. Structural critique is also accepted and highly appreciated! Thank you!


I will always be on hand to help. From custom orders to finding you the best materials, I'm completely passionate about this hobby and love to talk craft with my customers. Read on to find out more about me and how I got started..




Hello! I'm Ellana. At 36 years old and mother to 1, I decided to pick up crafting. I never thought it would go this far, but I really love what I do and can only hope you do too! If there's anything you need or want to ask, I'm never far away. Just reach out to! Thanks for reading. I really hope you have a pleasant time here!


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